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Family Decision Making report
Campden Wealth Research and Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management’s ‘Family Decision-Making’ study maps decision-making within UHNW families in North America. The results find a growing formalisation of decision-making and evidence of democratisation. Family advisors emerge as the single largest influence upon decision-making. Analysis of the effects of decision-making show that involvement in decision-making has a positive impact on family relationships.

The study draws on a quantitative survey of 59 individuals from North American families of net worth in excess of $25 million who are actively involved in financial decision-making, as well as 15 in-depth qualitative interviews with wealth holders.

This report will educate and inform family members, and provide advisors with strategies to better engage with families.

Proving Worth – The Values of Affluent Millennials in North America
This report examines the attitudes of UHNW millennials towards their investments and advisors, as the nature of their decision-making.

A Roadmap for Generational Wealth in Asia: Asian Philanthropy: An Evolving Landscape
The report provides insight into the challenges Asian family business leaders face when Doing Good in their communities. Both in giving through philanthropy and engaging in impact investing, the report looks at these UHNW purpose, strategy and future of Doing Good.

The report provides insight into the challenges Asian family business leaders face in charting their business and family legacies, while navigating the difficult terrain of wealth planning and succession by the next generation.

A Roadmap for Generational Wealth in Asia: Reputation
The research examines in detail the nature of intergenerational wealth transfer, looking at the role reputation management plays in maintaining business success.

The Next Generation Wealth Report 2014
This report examines in detail the preferences, needs and challenges faced by the new inheritors as they step into roles as stewards and wealth creators and re-creators.

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