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Membership FAQs

  • Who can become a member of Campden Family Connect?
  • Campden Family Connect Membership is dedicated to providing independent information, education and facilitation to principals, and family members of ultra-high-net-worth financial and business-owning families in India, whose net worth exceeds INR 300 crores, as well as Senior Family Office executives and independently wealthy individuals with a net worth exceeding INR 300 crores.

  • How does Campden maintain confidentiality of its members?
  • Contact data is kept private and not released to anyone without the expressed permission of the member. No membership lists are published.

  • Are there membership requirements?
  • Yes. All potential members are qualified by Campden Family Connect or recommended by a current member. All members sign a Code of Conduct and agree to certain established norms of the membership community. These are the two ways through which we protect the integrity of the membership.

  • What is Memberlink® ?
  • Memberlink® is Campden’s online community where members connect with one another, research relevant topics and stay abreast of upcoming Campden events by navigating the various sections of the site.

    • Online Community
    • Calendar of Events
    • Handouts and Recordings
    • Surveys
    • Advisor Updates
    • RFI (Request For Information)
    • RFC (Request For Connection)
  • What is Campden’s online community?
  • Investor Conversations are a private, password-protected community for private investor members on Memberlink®. Nine out of ten families have at least one member of the family participating. Topics cover a wide range and provide a chance to question and learn from fellow members’ experiences. There is a new question posted almost every day and on average, each question receives two replies.

  • What events are available to Campden Family Connect Members?
  • Over twenty events are held each year around the world, each addressing specific interests of investing families, family businesses and/or family offices. A detailed twelve month event calendar is posted on and updated to note speakers and themes. Membership includes entrance to all Campden events, member only Briefings, any one IPI Forum in a year, Co-Investment Workshops and Roundtable events.

  • What other resources are parts of the Campden Family Connect Membership?
  • Members receive two popular Campden Wealth publications, Campden FB [Family Business] and Campden FO [Family Office], which are published quarterly along with more frequent online bulletins. Members may also receive in-depth research reports on family office trends, wealth preservation strategies and socially responsible investing- - the most popular one being the Global Family Office report which is published annually. These research reports often focus on a region, i.e. Europe, North America and Asia while others are more global in perspective.

To request more information write to us